Nourish: A Sea Kayaking Retreat for Body and Soul

We are collaborating with Ammi Midstokke at two birds nutirition to create a unique experience that connects the soul-nourishing environment of the ocean with body-nourishing meals of whole foods.

In this four-day retreat, you will explore the San Juan islands by sea kayak, landing on the beach each night to explore culinary delights accompanied by nutrition education. As we prepare the cedar-plank wild-caught salmon over flame, we’ll dive into a deeper understanding of the health benefits of cold-water fish, the omega acids they provide, and how you might address your own health concerns with the food on your plate.

Each day will be an adventure in landscapes and better understanding of your unique nutritional needs and how to meet them. Between the nutrient-dense meals we’ll provide, days spent paddling through pristine nature, and direct access to a nutritionist, the retreat provides a setting that replenishes and provides you the tools to apply your knowledge at home and in your life.

Where: San Juan Islands (Anacortes Ferry, Washington)
When: September 27-30th
Cost: $1395 per person, $2590 for couples (or you and friend!)

Ammi Midstokke, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Ammi Midstokke is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, adventurer, and writer. She lives in North Idaho where she operates an advanced clinic specializing in nutritional approaches to health improvement, gastrointestinal disorders, and autoimmune disease.

Ammi’s approach to wellness has always been one of living fully, connecting to the systems that support our health and vitality, and enjoying the full spectrum of foods that delight the tastebuds and nourish the body. She often hosts retreats that combine all of these in a holistic adventure of discovery.

When she is not saving the world with vegetables, she can be found answering the call of the mountains, learning how to homestead, or tangled in a knitting project.

To learn more about Ammi and her practice, visit

You can also watch her TEDx talk here:

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