Big Bend National Park, Texas, Canoe Expedition

We begin our journey in El Paso or Midland, Texa and drive a few hours to one of the most remote national parks.  Big Bend National Park is a land of borders. Situated on the boundary with Mexico along the Rio Grande, it is a place where countries and cultures meet. It is also a place that merges natural environments, from desert to mountains. It is a place where south meets north and east meets west, creating a great diversity of plants and animals.

The dominant feature of Big Bend National Park is the Rio Grand, the course of which runs generally northwest from the Gulf of Mexico but takes a long diversion south of several mountain ranges before turning back north towards New Mexico. The park covers over 801,000 acres of west Texas in the place where the Rio Grande makes a sharp turn – the Big Bend. It is an 1100 square mile playground and classroom. The park contains three basic habitats: river, desert, and mountains. Big Bend National Park encompasses the largest protected area of the Chihuahuan Desert in the United States.The Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River forms its southern boundary, and it’s the only park in the United States that contains a complete mountain range – the Chisos.

Day 1 :

Fly into El Paso or Midland, Texas

Day 2 :

Travel to Big Bend National Park

Day 3-7:

Canoe the Rio Grande

Day 8:

Return to Return to El Paso or Midland, Texas

Note: Trip length and routes can vary by desire.