Custom Adventure Programming for Groups

Breakwater Expeditions collaborates with other seasoned professionals and organizations to support many types of custom programing. You set the focus. You choose your destination. It’s your trip. We have course areas we most commonly visit, but we are constantly expanding these and welcome new locations.  Breakwater leads both fully immersive wilderness excursions as well as day trips for groups residing in a lodge or retreat center. Strengthen your group through a nature-inspired adventure, while being supported by professionals trained to recognize and facilitate group dynamics that reinforce both individual and common goals.



Backcountry Yoga

Yellowstone Backpacking and Yoga Retreat

July 14-22, 2019


Bold Betties

Whittier, AK: Multi-day Alaskan Kayak Adventure

July 18-24, 2019

Open to All Women


Bold Betties

San Juan Islands, WA: Multi-day Kayak Trip

August 18-24, 2019

Open to All Women


Sequoia Immersions

Couples Retreat

San Juan Islands Sea Kayaking

Fall, 2019 info coming soon!