Exuma Bahamas, Sea Kayaking

The Exuma Cays are a string of over 350 islands that comprise the Exuma district of the Bahamas. These islands stretch lazily across the Tropic of Cancer about 300 miles southeast of the coastal United States.  The Islands, formed of oolitic limestone, have been dramatically carved by wind and water to form breathtaking cliffs and overhangs that merge seamlessly with white sand beaches and sapphire waters. Although their soil is thin, it supports lush foliage that appears to grow from the rock itself.

We will explore exquisite reefs exploding with fish and corals, and kayak through quiet trails of mangrove estuaries and the crystal-clear backcountry home of stingrays, starfish, anemones, sea turtles, lemon shark and the elusive bonefish. Here, you may share your campsite with a 200 year-old tortoise or docile two-foot long Bahamian Dragon iguana. If natural harbors, secluded beaches, warm trade-wind breezes, and the world’s clearest water appeal to you, then join us in savoring this “castaway” paradise.

Day 1 :

Fly into Georgetown, Bahamas

Day 2-7 :

Great Exuma, Bahamas Sea Kayaking

Day 8:

Depart from Georgetown, Bahamas

Note: Trip length and routes can vary by desire.