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Green River Utah, Canoe Trip

The calm waters of the Green River meandering through the Labyrinth Canyon make up some of Utah’s most beautiful scenery. Folks paddle a 45- 60-mile stretch of flat water that will follow the rolling desert hills of eastern Utah into the majestic depths of the Canyons to final destination at Mineral Bottoms. We will travel through the ancient times and the history of the landscape as we view the ruins and rock art sites of the Pueblo Indians. Red cliffs, desert sunsets, and warm days await this memorable experience.  There is plenty of light hiking and paddling to make this a perfect setting for anyone to explore.

Day 1 : Arrival

Grand Junction Colorado

Day 2 : Put In

Ruby Ranch, Green River

Day 2-5: Labyrinth Canyon

Paddle the Green River

Day 6: Off the water

Back to Grand Junction, Colorado

Day 7: Fly out

Note: Optional 6 day itinerary available with longer daily mileage to paddle.