Prince William Sound

Sea kayaking expedition in Prince William Sound, Alaska

We begin our journey in Anchorage and continue on to Whittier, where our expert guides will provide sea kayaking instruction and trip preparation for this unique expedition and truly “once in a lifetime” Alaskan adventure. Prince William Sound is vast and wild, we will focus our paddling in and around Hariman Fiord and The Nelle Juan College Fiord Wilderness Study Area.

Millions of years of glaciations have gradually carved away a coastal plateau creating Prince William Sound and its many tributary fjords, passageways, islands, and rocky shores. Fewer than 10,000 people populate the towns of Whittier, Valdez, Cordova, and native villages, and no roads connect these communities.

Encompassing 7,000 miles of ocean, river deltas, tidal flats, and glaciers, Prince William Sound, located in Chugach National Forest, is a sea kayaker’s paradise. Snow capped mountains shelter the sound from outside influence and protects a rich diversity of life. Bears, eagles, sea lions, seals, orcas, porpoise and countless birds feast on the most productive salmon runs in the world, while humpback whales gorge all summer on plankton in preparation for their winter journey to their Hawaiian breeding grounds.

Day 1 :

Fly into Anchorage, AK

Day 2 :

Travel to Whittier, AK

Day 3-6:

Prince William Sound Sea Kayaking

Day 7:

Return to Anchorage, AK

Day 8:

Depart from Anchorage, AK

Note: Trip length and routes can vary by desire.