Somatic Nature Retreat Green River, Utah

Ecotherapists and Somatically oriented Therapists and Healers

7 days / Oct. 14th – 20th, 2018

A wilderness expedition designed for both ecotherapists and somatically oriented therapists and healers. Explore the interaction between our nervous systems and the natural world to not only deepen your own connection to the earth but also to be equipped to facilitate activities that offer the same for your clients. For five days and four nights we will canoe Labrynth Canyon of the Green River, camp on the river’s edge, and gaze into the vast night sky. The first and final nights will be in the small town of Grand Junction, CO, transitioning out of the wilderness with intention and further integrating the experience into our bodies.

As somatically trained practitioners and ecotherapists, we work regularly with the part of the natural world that is always with our clients: their bodies. Let’s immerse ourselves in this relationship, learn from the original attachment figure, tend to our own wellness through self-care, and learn principles and practices to help incorporate the natural world into our office-based sessions.

Activities and Objectives

  • Expedition canoeing through Labrynth Canyon of the Green River.

    1. Introduction to basic camping and canoeing skills.

    2. Learn and practice ecotherapy activities to use in the natural world as well as urban settings.

    3. Understand the basics of the autonomic nervous system stress response.

    4. Track and build awareness of your body’s stress response and be able to teach clients to do the same.

    5. Practice tools to help clients orient to the natural world and settle their nervous systems.

    6. Introduction to mindfulness and the benefits of body-awareness.

    7. Practice self-care activities in the natural world that promote resilience in your profession and overall wellness.

Dates: October 14-20, 2018

Cost: $2150. This includes all meals beginning with breakfast on October 15 through dinner on October 19, accommodations in Grand Junction, guide services, gear, and transportation to and from the river. Airfare is not included.

Registration: Aspen Roots Collective

Contact: Sommerville Bevilaqua, LPC



October 14: Arrive in Grand Junction, CO

  • Fly to Grand Junction, CO

  • Stay in the area at set Hotel

  • Evening Meet and Greet

October 15: Drive to Green River, UT

  • Paddle and Canoe orientation

  • Canoe to campsite along the Green River

October 16-18: Canoe, hike, camp

  • Each day will consist of a combination of activities including paddling, day hikes, mindfulness and ecotherapy activities, and experiential education lessons designed to help participants apply concepts in their practices back home.

October 19: Take out and Drive to Grand Junction

  • Say goodbye to the river and head to the small town of Grand Junction for a final celebratory dinner.

October 20 : Fly home